HIV Prevention, Care and Treatment Support Program (HPCTS)

ZACH is enhancing the HIV prevention care and treatment support services offered through the Ministry of Health and Childcare (MOHCC) with support from President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through Center for Disease Control (CDC). Zimbabwe Association of Church related Hospitals (ZACH) is present in five provinces (Harare, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West, Mashonaland Central, and Matabeleland North) and supports 76 direct service delivery (DSD) sites, 13 technical assistance (TA) sites, and 7 community posts. All the five ZACH-supported provinces have brought into practice client-centered services that cover the whole HIV cascade for both adults and children. These services include Prevention of Mothe to Child Transmission (PMTCT), Visual Inspection with acetic acid and camera (VIAC) screening, TB Preventive Therapy (TPT), and TB treatment, among others.


To Improve and Expand HIV&AIDS prevention, treatment, care services, collection, and utilization of surveillance data as well as implementation of evidence based public health interventions within a network of church-related hospitals and clinics and their immediate communities in Zimbabwe.


  • To support high yielding HIV testing services (HTS) strategies
  • To support strategies leading to improved linkages and enrolment of newly identified PLHIV into care services
  • To support strategies leading to improved adherence and retention of PLHIV into care and treatment services.
  • Strengthening clinical management of PLHIV to achieve viral load suppression.
  • To strengthen the existing M&E systems

Activities supported by the program include: (i) developing, implementing, and coordinating evidence-based and innovative approaches to HIV service delivery for faith-based and government facilities serving the general public, people living with HIV, and people who are at risk of acquiring the HIV virus; (ii) developing and implementing systems for efficient and effective HIV service delivery and improved data quality; and (iii) developing, implementing, and coordinating innovative and integrated approaches to cervical cancer screening and treatment of precancerous cervical lesions for HIV positive women over 30 who are on antiretroviral therapy (ART) provided by mission hospitals and surrounding government facilities.

The following are key strategies employed under the HIV Prevention, Care, Treatment Support:

  1. Raising community awareness on HIV services through Community champions, Community Adolescent treatment supporters (CATs), Adolescents Triple Zero (ATZ), Young Mentor Mothers (YYMs) and case Finding Adherence and Retention officers (CFAROs)
  2. Mentoring and coaching of staff through support visits and virtual platforms
  • Maximizing on the outreach model to offer services like ART, TPT and PrEP as well as cervical cancer screening services, defaulter tracking and viral load sample collections.
  1. Utilizing spot maps to identify by locations, clients due for different services making the outreach more focused and effective.
  2. Intensified follow up of clients requiring VIAC treatment through line-listing and follow up.
  3. Strengthening differentiated service delivery through facility support and capacity building.
  • Enhanced medicines availability at site level for ART and TPT