Healthy Heart Africa (HHA) Project

ZACH in partnership with Africa Christian Health Platform (ACHAP) with funding from AstraZeneca is implementing the HHA’s program to contribute to the reduction in the prevalence of high blood pressure in Mashonaland East and West Provinces. It seeks to work with two health facilities: Marondera Government Provincial Hospital and Wedza mt St Mary’s as satellite clinic and Makonde Mission Hospital.

While these facilities continue to provide services to about 40% of population in Makonde Mashonaland East and West Provinces – including partnering with ZACH in the delivery of HIV care and treatment program – hypertension management remains a gap. This is because of inadequate training and limited access to hypertension screening services. Through this program, ZACH will integrate hypertension screening into ongoing MOHCC/PEPFAR/CDC funded HIV care treatment and support program and routine government services at the health facility and community levels. The program will use hypertension as a stigma-free entry point to find and reach those in need of HIV services by integrating hypertension services into existing HIV platforms.